Volunteer Nurse Practitioner Application Checklist

Please have the following documentation ready, in electronic format, to upload as part of the application process (where applicable).  If these documents cannot be loaded electronically when filling out this application, please call or email us for assistance.

  1. Copy of Connecticut license

  2. Copy of NP Certification

  3. Copy of DEA license (state and federal) – if retired, optional

  4. Curriculum Vitae

  5. For NPs retired more than two years – evidence of some continuing work in a related field

  6. *** A letter of recommendation from your current/former employer or medical colleague attesting to skills as an independent adult practitioner for a period of two full years

  • Letter of recommendation MUST be submitted by the person making the recommendation.  They may email the letter to AFCVolunteers@americares.org, or fax or mail the letter to us by using the information provided on the Contact Us page.

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